Goodrich Transload services and facilities

Facilities security
With the various international and cross border security concerns, we have built our facility using the current security standards such as an 8 foot high outer fence, multiple day/night colour security cameras that use digital recording technology. We have wired and wireless alarm applications to ensure protection against intrusion. Unfortunately, the details of these active and passive systems will need to remain confidential. All products are insured for our customers piece of mind.

Client Commitment
Serving our clients takes on new meaning with the following features that distinguish us from other warehouse facilities:
A. all business and operations are located in the rear of the building, properly shielded to ensure client privacy
B. the customer reception is segregated from the truck driver entrance
C. meeting rooms have a direct view onto the loading dock on-site
D. video footage can be viewed from remotely and in real-time.

Trucker Focused
With 8 container and trailer loading bays including ample outside storage for rigs and chassis, we are one of the most sought after terminals in the cities of Vancouver and Surrey. In addition, we are one of the only facilities that employ three entrance/exit gates to facilitate fast movement.

Employee Commitment
We owe our success to our strong employee base and this facility keeps us safe and productive. Our entire site is graded and paved so that our forklift drivers can ride safely. Our employees wear vest, hard hats and steel toe boots for their safety.

Goodrich Transload Group is a fully integrated, all inclusive transportation and warehousing solution for all clients looking for supply chain management logistics and export cargo services. We are well positioned to offer an efficient and effective services at a competitive rate. Our expertise, capability and dependable service enables us to provide ***One Stop Does it all Facility***.

Goodrich Transport picks up the container from the different ports in Vancouver and loads at our facility either pulp or lumber. In case, container is loaded and in the process booking gets rolled - 2 days are given on the chassis for free and then after that there will be a demurrage charge of $30.00 per day for use of our equipment. There is also container charges involved which is usually forwarded to the freight forwarders.

Another option - Van Isle barge has a off dock called "B" Yard with a top pick, where we can lift off and lift for storage.
We are able to accommodate storage for 2 weeks and then anything received after that is charged 15 cents per metric ton on pulp. We do emphasize on a quick turn around time for all our cargo to ensure that your money is not tied up in our inventory. We work Monday to Friday 7.00 am-3.30pm receiving hours and Saturday 8am-noon(12:00pm).

We can schedule for the following:
Provide unloading & loading of rail cars and super "B"s. Goodrich Group has a capability of unloading 2 vans in an hour. Unloading can start @ 7.00 am and finish by 10.00 am at the latest. Our company will offer the proof of insurance and third party liability covered.
For loading containers, certain procedures will have to be in placed in order for us to work smoothly side by side.
Customers Freight forwarder will do the booking and it has to be sent to our client in order to see if the booking is good and Letter of Credit is open. Approval will have to come from our customer for loading containers. We have a loading capability of about 50-80 containers per day. Small bookings can be handled very easily. Working during weekends and overtime crews will require prior arrangements.

Equipment Modernization
We continually upgrade our equipment. For example, we have recently added to our fleet additional Volvo tractor units, Toyota and Hyster material handling equipment, and specialized trailers and chassis of varying specifications.

Trucking and Road Transportation
When you want to move something via ground, you need to look no further than our company.
When you book with us, we will coordinate the delivery of your goods from cradle to grave, even if it involves numerous connections, transshipments, or modes. Not only do we provide competitive rates, we will spend time and effort to follow up on your shipment each step of the way. Our value added services will include constant monitoring and tracking. We handle FTL (full truck load) shipments. When your shipment arrives via ocean, our company owned fleet of container tractors, chassis, and delivery vehicles are at your service.

Container Drayage
We are a licensed carrier with the Motor Carrier Branch of British Columbia . We have full cargo insurance and are member of UII. All national safety codes requirements are closely adhered to monitor by our compliance department. Our name is respectably know to all the container terminals and all the Vancouver Ports .
Our own fleet of container tractors coupled with the equipment supplied by our independent contractors allow us to offer container drayage to and from the various ports of British Columbia at reasonable rates. Throughout our two decades of existence as a carrier, we have not had one single accident or loss of cargo. We also aim to be 100% on time when scheduling a delivery or pickup.
We have our own inventory of chassis that can be used at your disposal. Not only can we accommodate live loading/unloading, we are also flexible in leaving a container and chassis overnight for your convenience. Our chassis fleet include 20' frames, 40' tandems and 40' and 45' tridems.

With our Score system, we have capability of booking the reservations 5 days in advance.
System provided with Goodrich Transload names as shown
Score system @ Centerm (DP World)
Reservations @ Delta Port
Reservations @ Vanterm
Reservations @ Fraser Surrey Dock

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