What our customers say

"Since the moment we started doing business with Goodrich, the service and reliability they provided has been consistently excellent and we have always enjoyed working with the Goodrich people. Combined with their competitive pricing, they offer unique services."
- Lumber and pulp exporter

"Immediate turnaround of orders - thanks to in-house transportation service and great customer service."
- International exporter/importer

"Goodrich was very helpful over the weekend too! Thanks for your great job!"
- Paper industry customer

"Easy to work with and very professional. It seems like everyone tries their best to satisfy us as a customer. Any problems arisen are always resolved quickly."
- Lumber exporting company

"We appreciate all the services that you have provided and look forward to continual growth together."
- Pulp customer

"The Goodrich customer service is very professional and helpful."
- International manufacturer/importer

"They are always looking in advance as to how they can help the customer. Their quick turnaround is outstanding."
- Paper industry customer

"The Goodrich reps always work hard for my company when I need a delivery and it is past cutoff."
- Construction supplier

"Goodrich is very good at proactive communication. They alert us to potential or real issues."
- Lumber industry customer